In Kidman's case, it's nice to see How Do I Fix Sims 3 Installation Incomplete Error the actress' lately immovable forehead participating in her performance, with subtle, almost imperceptible fluctuations in her carefully guarded facade allowing us to follow as Becca tumbles down the rabbit hole of her own emotions. Eckhart gets a couple of The Cuisine Of French Polynesia big shouting scenes, but the actor manages to convey just as much in Howie's quietly injured moments. A new scene, in which Howie awkwardly attempts to show prospective homebuyers Danny's room, perfectly balances melancholy and humor, while seemingly Mcafee Registry mundane details -- struggling to use an iPhone, checking on a cake in the backseat -- ground the characters in reality.

"It's a sad play. Don't make it any sadder than it needs to be," Lindsay-Abaire advised potential theater directors in the author's note to his play. Mitchell, whose own career began onstage, respects the writer's wishes, and with the exception of the aforementioned flashback, he shrewdly keeps the mood tipped toward the positive. Anton Sanko's Arvo Part-esque score, all introspective pianos and strings, encourages us to feel without forcing a reaction, while fleeting How To Save Huge On iPhone 4 Screen Repair Miami Services progression shots of a comicbook in progress enrich the payoff of the play's self-defining scene.

Camera (color), Frank G. DeMarco; editor, Joe Klotz; music, Anton Sanko; music supervisor, Robin Urdang; production designer, Kalina Ivanov; art director, Ola Maslik; set decorator, Diana Salzburg; costume designer, Ann Roth; sound (Dolby Digital), Jan McLaughlin; supervising sound editor, Ben Cheah; re-recording mixer, Ron Bochar; stunt coordinator, Doug Crosby; associate producer, Gemma O'Neil; casting, Sig De Miguel, Stephen Vincent. Reviewed at Toronto Film Festival (Special Presentations), Sept. 13, 2010. Running time: 91 MIN.

* Blossom Films movie studio directed by John Cameron Mitchell.

* Release date September 13, 2010

* Movie popularity overall ranking is 175nd with a 8.5 rating in genre(s) Drama.

Life for a happy couple is turned upside down after their young son dies in an accident. Based on a play by David Lindsay-Abaire.

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The play on which it's based won the Pulitzer Prize. The playwright Stretch Your Adveristing Dollar When You Design Your Own Embroidered Logo adapted it himself. The cast is highly talented, with a producer-star who did it Consumer's camera maintenance after missing three times as a labor of love. And it all came together under a director with impeccable art-film credentials.

So why is Rabbit Hole, about a couple trying to cope with the death of their young son—one of the most horrifying things human beings can face, and tremendous grist for riveting drama—so cold, brittle and, dare we say, lifeless?

Nicole Kidman—whose production company House Cleaning: Why Use a Maid Service Blossom Films shepherded this adaptation of David Lindsay-Abaire's 2005 play—steps into Cynthia Nixon's Tony Award-winning role from the 2006 Broadway production. As Becca Corbett, whose son Danny fatally chased the family dog into the street and oncoming traffic eight months earlier, she sleepwalks through each day a Stepford zombie, smiling at the concerned and caring neighbors, fixing dinner for her suit-and-tie executive husband Howie C00d11d1 Windows Media Player (Aaron Eckhart) and only occasionally letting her well-earned bitterness and anger out. The movie's best scene may be the brief moment she laconically but pointedly confronts another couple in their child-loss counseling group, questioning their reasoning that it was God's plan and He needed another angel. "Why doesn't God just make another angel?" she asks simply. "Poof!" she says, making a gesture. After all, "He's God."

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