Having a garden is a great idea that is greatly advised to everyone. It provides a fun – filled way of spending one’s time. Not only that but it also a good method of helping the environment. Plants help in renewing the oxygen supply of the world as well as reduce the pollution in the air. They not only provide beauty to our surroundings but they are also a good source of food and other important materials. All of these things are reasons why starting a home garden is recommended to all of us.

Planning the garden is the first thing that must be done by anyone who plans of having one. The type of garden must be considered as this is the basis of all the things that will be done with it. The gardener can choose between flowers, vegetables and fruits or he can make use of a combination of them. After choosing the type, he must now know the things that he will plant. For starters, plants that are easy to grow and nourish is the best thing to have. Other thing that must be considered in this area is the method of planning; when to start; and the location of the garden.

The next thing that must be done in when starting a garden is the familiarization of the different gardening tools and equipment. These highly – specialized tools are needed for all the processes that will be done in the garden. There are garden tools each for digging, cutting, watering and measuring. By knowing and having these tools, the aspiring gardener could make his work easier and faster.

Preparing the garden area should be next on the list. These include removing all weeds as this can compete with the plants for all their basic needs. Although removing them does not often results in a permanent effect, they must still be done in order to avoid many of the disadvantages that come with weeds. After that, the soil must then be turned over so as to soften it more effectively and efficiently. This can be easily done with the use of a shovel or a pick. This is to help the plant to grown easily since it a softer soil will make it easier for the plants to grow and spread their roots. Watering the soil first can also help in softening it before turning it over.

Planting can be done once the soil has been prepared well. For beginners, planting through seeds is not advised since it will take a longer time and a more delicate process. Instead, they should make use of seedlings which can be planted directly to the soil. These can be acquired and purchased from many garden shops and nurseries. After planting, the soil should be moistened around the plants so as to make the plant more secure and stable in the soil. This process is then repeated everyday until the plants are observed to have adjusted to their new environment. After new growths have appeared, fertilizers can now be added to the soil. This is to ensure that the plants will grow healthy and fat. All of these things must be considered by anyone who wants to be successful when starting a home garden on their own.

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