Deepak Kamani also believes that although having the best service and quality, it takes lot of genuineness to maintain a steady stream of guests. If the customer is not happy with the level of service or value for money, he is most likely not to repeat business, firmly believes Deepak Kamani. It is known that the hospitality business requires keeping abreast with all technological developments. To ensure repeat business and to keep customers happy, Deepak Kamani brought innovative changes to the business. Restructuring helped the Zuri Group to get a stronger position. The Zuri Group carved a niche in the hospitality business because of Deepak Kamani Family Kenya. Deepak Kamani is proud of his team in the Zuri Group and believes they have lots to achieve yet.

The main aim of Deepak Kamani Family Kenya is to serve all kind of customers as catering only a specific kind of customers would mean losing out on customers. Kamani Kenya's Zuri group strives to fulfil that part of the social life that needs more out of life and that is the very reason that the P-L-C model implemented by Deepak Kamani Family Kenya is a great hit with applying the kind of luxurious lifestyle that is required out of them. Mr. Deepak Kamani restructured the hospitality into the P-L-C model so that it will offer different levels of hospitality and appeal to all individuals. Mr. Deepak Kamani has been known for taking wise decisions always that have brought a lot of success to Kamani's Zuri Group Global. The very essence of the growth of Deepak Kamani Family Kenya lies in providing great service that leaves no stone unturned in welcoming guests to an experience they'll always cherish.

Deepak Kamani has superb interpersonal skills and has been known for his sense of humour and cheerful personality. Deepak Kamani says this helps to create an enthusiastic atmosphere in the business which is the need of the hour for all businesses that depend on customer service. Deepak Kamani says he makes sure that his team gives their best possible work with energy, enthusiasm and warmth keeping in mind at all times that the customer is always the king. It is the leader's job, says Deepak Kamani to keep his employees in the best frame of mind with a great working atmosphere, so that they are in a position to bring out their best for customer service.

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