Art galleries, like cafes and boutiques, represent a positive sign in neighborhood gentrification. They lend an air of refinement to the street on which they are located. They are a symbol of cultural activity, a healthy economic climate, social status and diversity.

But they do more than just gentrify a neighborhood. They add an element of surprise, of spontaneity that sparks more than an economic resurgence. They inspire, they are mysterious and without conformity. That is why they continue to spring to life in the most underdeveloped neighborhoods as well as burgeoning blocks so much a part of urban life.

Any region that has strong support for the arts is an area that will thrive. Being considered an arty town is high praise. All public relations firms know that numerous art galleries and museums are a selling point for both real estate and tourism. The arts are the understated asset that puts the gloss in any Chamber of Commerce brochure.

There are many reasons for this: aesthetics, upward mobility, urban development, but galleries have another reason to exist: they provide a sense of community. They are a meeting ground, a source of inspiration and an easy way to expose children to art. Gallery receptions are a way to meet your neighbors as well as the artists in your community. Art displays are now to be found in libraries, community centers, restaurants and cafes. There has even been a gallery in San Francisco situated in a laundromat.

Art galleries offer an educational opportunity. With fewer dollars spent in schools on art programs, the exhibitions as well as the hands-on promotional events offered by clever gallery owners and curators make up for lost classes in school.

Galleries are no longer a snobbish establishment for the wealthy. Of course there are those selling Picasso and yes, a certain wealth is required to shop in one of the more prestigious establishments. But art in the twenty-first century caters to all demographics. Handmade items for under fifty dollars can be found amongst expensive paintings. You can find jewelry, baskets, prints and photographs that are inexpensive, quirky and one-of-a-kind.

Today there are more artists than there have ever been. Only a handful make it to the top tier with international fame. It is now possible for good artists to make a living selling their work at reasonable prices without moving to New York. Art is for everyone nowadays. And no, it does not have to be shocking or cutting-edge to be important. Landscape painting is as po[censored] r as it ever was with many highly skilled, excellent painters working in all parts of the country.

Check out your local art galleries. You will be surprised how much really good art is being produced right in your own region. When you travel, visit the local exhibits in off-the-beaten-path locales. Artistic mastery is to be found everywhere. If you can, make a purchase, support the artists. Real art enhances your home and your stature. The culture you promote has a way of paying back with interest.

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