In the present world, parental control software can make all the difference between securing your child's life and letting your child go astray. As parents, it is your responsibility to protect your children against evils in the society, at least until they are capable and grown up enough to understand the difference between right and wrong. While threats always existed in the world, the danger levels have grown alarmingly, thanks to the abuse of internet. This is the reason why you should use parental control software.

The biggest challenge is to see that your child is protected even while he uses the internet. While the web does pose a lot of dangers, you cannot grudge the fact that it is a great medium to learn a lot of new things. Moreover, researching for school projects in school, an urge to learn about latest developments and keeping in touch with friends and family over the web makes children internet-savvy at a very young age, when they are vulnerable to getting into undesirable activities without realizing the repercussions of their actions. Parental software can sa[censored] uard your children while making sure that they are not exposed to untoward threats.

How does the software work?

The good thing is that you don't have to be net-savvy to install and run this software on your computer. After the software is installed, it blocks or filters out content and websites that are potential threats to the kids. The operations are user friendly and you can make adjustments with the filter so as to ensure optimal blocking of unwanted content.

Important parameters such as age of the child, his nature and inclinations should be considered when setting filters. You can block out chat rooms as well, which is a good thing because these interactive portals have created a lot of mess in a lot of children's life by luring kids into indulging in adult activities.

Sometimes, useful sites could be blocked because of content that is considered adult, but is not harmful for the kids. Examples of such content are reports of genital diseases or breast cancer. Parents should be present to deactivate these filters and let the children browse on these subjects. This is also a good chance for parents to talk to kids about these things.

Unfortunately, parents underestimate the importance of the software. Here are some alarming statistics. 70 percent children who use the web have encountered illicit online content. Almost 30 percent parents of such children are not aware of this. Nearly 20 percent children between ages 10 and 13 accepted to have received messages that were "adult" and made them uncomfortable. Less than 10 percent parents knew about such incidents. 45 percent teens said they browse things that their parents would never approve of. Also, 54 percent children said that they were involved in online relationships. 20 percent children have received direct requests asking them for sex, nude pictures and personal meet-ups.

There are several more statistics that are rather alarming. Parental control software can curb a lot of undesirable happenings.

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