A business requires organization, tracking and monitoring to be an effective enterprise. One of the most important factors between maintaining company earnings, and increasing revenue as a progressive and growing organization, is the ability to properly manage assets. Enterprise asset management is implemented to track personal property, real property , IT assets, materials, vehicles, and more from acquisition through disposal. There are many key advantages to keeping a watchful eye on what the company currently owns, how it is being utilized, and who is using it. Effectively managing assets saves costs, ensures accountability and provides quick visibility into data for better decision making.

Enterprise asset management software solutions make it easy for companies to control their assets. The software works on a lifecycle system from acquisition, use, and through disposal. After the acquisition of the asset, the details of the purchase can be noted, including costs and receipts. The usage of an asset is critical for tracking warranties, scheduling maintenance and monitoring who is using the property, as well as where and how it is being used. This can be applied to any type of property from cell phones to company vehicles. The benefits of monitoring the use of assets include:

• Tracking maintenance checkups extends the lifespan of property

• Monitor asset events to know every detail of the asset's activity

• Tracking warranties and leases

• Well managed physical inventory

• Increased asset utilization

• Better decision making

• Reduced costs

The assets that a company owns are a vital part of the organization, and enterprise asset management solutions allow the business to control these assets with customized web-based software.

Features of Enterprise Asset Management Solutions

Best of breed asset management solutions give the business the power to change the t and labels displa[censored] on their screen to increase context and understanding. Every business has their terminology and culture, and enterprise asset management software should be customized to adapt to the business, instead of forcing the business to adjust to the software.

Self-service pages enable employees with the ability to record and request data for full parti[censored] tion across the asset management organization. Based on pre-defined roles, staff can report on assets when changes occur. This increases asset management accuracy and efficiency.

Asset timelines should keep track of every detail of the asset's history from its first recorded event and should include timestamps, and data on who did what and when. This information provides management with quick answers, when questions arise.

Asset management solutions include reports to manage all aspects of asset management. Reports should be available in a variety of formats including: PDF, HTML and CSV and should support SQL-query suites.

Sunflower Systems is a global leader in enterprise asset management solutions. The company provides asset management solutions to commercial organizations, federal agencies, government contractors, universities and research laboratories. For more information on their asset management software solutions visit, sunflowersystems.

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