"We attract what we think in our thoughts."

I've been running a software program firm for more than three years now. In software growth trade, we've a saying: "Garbage-in, Garbage-Out", which implies the level of 'quality' of the software program, e.g. the size of this system, the variety of bugs, the consumer friendliness, etc. relies on the 'codes' written/enter by the programmers. I think this is identical relating to cash or personal wealth.

Cash is like software applications, it is created by man and it's really fairly 'Digital'. Money can exists in many types, for example, it can be a piece of rock (e.g. gold, silver, etc.), a piece of paper (e.g. dollar notes, financial institution drafts, etc.), or simply purely numbers (e.g. cash transfer between bank accounts, or between banks, or stock market).

A friend of mine, which is a multi-millionaire as soon as shared his views to me, he said, cash is just not govern by the law of physics, therefore we will make as much as we want. Money is just not govern by the legislation of 'time', therefore we will make it as fast as we wish it to be. It is all in our mind.

If you happen to fill your thoughts with all the 'negative' thoughts like, "I can only make this much", or "No approach I can make that sum of money in such a short interval", or "who am I to earn that sort of money", "or "I don't have the money", etc., we are going to really fulfill our 'desires' of not getting those cash ~ our desires arises from our thoughts.

Then again, if we 'enter' the positive data/code into our mind, e.g. "I could make it", or "I have the money" and many others, our thoughts will finally result in fulfill our dreams. Alongside the method, our mind is tune to be able to 'accept the money'. It is going to also continuously identify and figures out how we will obtain our objectives or during which manner that we will be given the money.

Everyone on this planet has a set amount of time in a day (which is 24 hours) and a similar quantity of 'capacity' in our brain. We will spend our time and our magnificent mind's 'processing energy' and 'disk area' to give attention to how we cannot succeed, how poor we are, how unfortunate we're, etc. etc. Or instead we will spend our time and energy specializing in what went right, what we need to obtain, and how we will obtain it. The selection is in our hand!

All of the successful folks like Invoice Gates, Donald Trump, Bob Proctor, etc learn about this. well, even if they didn't learn about it earlier, they DO it and now they change into extremely rich and successful!

Therefore guys, you must not throw rubbish into your thoughts anymore. Let us put our concentrate on the money, on the optimistic facet, on the nice aspect of the money and let the regulation-of-attraction performs its half and helps you to bring in the cash that you've desired, and deserved!

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