When searching for gifts with symbolic meaning, mantel clocks carved from natural stone and with an attractive design like an animal can be very tasteful and unique. Consider, for example, a mantel clock with a lion or eagle perched atop it. A lion, as many know, symbolizes strength, courage, and power. It also embodies sound judgment. So if you place a mantel clock made of a gemstone like jasper in a room, you're not only displaying good taste and showcasing fine craftsmanship; you are also stabilizing energies and balancing yin and yang.

Gifts with a tinge of mystery and connote a sense of style are nice to receive and give. If you have friend who's recovering from a failed romance, a special gift like a mantel clock made of natural stone with healing property, like rhodonite or dolerite, can be well appreciated. These gemstones are known to help balance the emotions, ease heartaches, and nurture love. A mantel clock made of dolerite with a horse as design can be lovely to behold and is laden with symbolic meaning. Magical bluestone or dolerite looks as enchanting as the night sky when polished and can help enhance aura, while the horse stands for success, freedom, beauty and grace.

Putting a mantel clock atop an antique cabinet or shelf in the living room can add a classic touch to your home. They can serve as great anniversary, wedding, or holiday gifts, because they have aesthetic and functional value. Mantel clocks made of semi-precious stones are especially appealing and beautiful. They're bound to be appreciated by connoisseurs or collectors of stone souvenirs. The mantel clock's face may have traditional Roman or Arabic numerals, and come in different shapes, but what can set it apart from others is its material and craftsmanship.

When looking to buy a mantel clock online, go for a one-of-a-kind option that comes with a best price guarantee. That means not overpriced but reasonable enough given its material and design. A handcrafted mantel clock carved in natural stone creates an elegant and charming focal point for a room. Look for one that's artistically styled and comes with metaphysical properties. Handmade clocks can be very tasteful gifts that are functional, lovely to behold, and believe it or not, have been found to stabilize body systems.

Whether you're buying for purely practical purpose or to satisfy a gift recipient who may be after the metaphysical properties of objects, mantel clocks with semi-precious stones are great choices. Who wouldn't be pleased to get a special item that not only looks stylish but also has an uplifting quality, or provides clarity of mind, or expands awareness of one's self and one's surroundings owing to the special properties of the stone it is carved with? It's awesome to get hold of clocks made of gemstones that contribute to more than what meets the eye, or to improving mental, physical, and spiritual well-being. A mantel clock made of selenite, for instance, may possibly help in meditative thinking, disperse negative energy, and ensure a peaceful home atmosphere.

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