Until today, the business card remains one of the most useful and important tool in networking. Even if there are smartphones and applications which can let your exchanged contact details digitally, people would still often prefer the tangible business cards. So, the next time you attend a networking event and consider leaving your cards at home, you better think again. Loosing out on networking or even sales opportunities is not good, so you better keep your cards on your pocket.

However, with the improvements in graphic design and printing techniques, it has become easy to create exceptional and out of the ordinary business cards. Boring cards are no longer kept these days. If you want to get noticed and deliver your message effectively, you have to make your card better than the rest. It’s easy enough to create fascinating business card printing that people will notice these days. It’s up to you to decide on the design and printing technique suited for you and your business.

For some ideas, here are creative ways that will help make your business cards dazzling:

* Get a distinct shape. It’s best if you can stay away from the standard 3.5 inches by 2 inches rectangular card. There are other shapes you can do such as square, circle, or oval. In fact, you can do whatever shape you want as long as it is ideal for your business.

* Use other materials. This means using wood, rubber, or metal to create your cards. You don’t have to stick with paper to print your contact details. One of the famous materials used by a lot of businesses today is plastic. This material is durable and water-resistant so it has longer and better life. A plastic card will surely stand out and present your contact details in a timeless manner.

* Bigger size. You can tweak the size of your card and make it bigger or smaller. Remember though that a bigger card doesn’t easily fit on standard business card holders, so unless you can motivate people to keep your big card, you might want to carefully consider creating a large size. Nonetheless, a big or small card will catch attention and present your business in a unique way.

* Think of unique printing techniques. This includes foil stamping, engraving, and embossing. These techniques will add texture to your card and make it look remarkable. Although they will cost you extra, the investment will surely worth it.

* Color them well. Making business card templates attractive will require you to use color printing. It’s affordable enough to print in color these days. Digital printing, for instance, has made it possible to print materials in color at the quickest and most affordable way. Some businesses even provide discounts in printing. You might want to talk with your printer about this before the final print job.

* Provide additional details. Use the back side to provide useful and valuable details to your customers. Remember that there is limited space in your card, so make the most out of every space on it.

Although you would want to ensure that your cards are unique and noticeable, make sure that you don’t go overboard with the design. Just create the perfect design that will be ideal for your budget and easy enough for people to keep.

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