What does movie The Great Gatsby, Katy Perry and New Year have in common? They all have spectacular fireworks! Now with cheap fireworks from Solar Fireworks you can have your own incredible Great Gatsby-esque celebration!

Cheap Fireworks Allow You To Create Incredible Celebratory Moments

The most spectacular celebrations, movies and music videos feature incredible firework displays. For example, the recent movie The Great Gatsby starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Carrey Mulligan was a visual fairytale with wonderful scenes and firework shows. Let's just say that Gatsby really knew how to throw a party! American singer and songwriter Katy Perry dedicated the whole song to fireworks called "Firework". There were many incredible fireworks bursting through the whole video the song!

For celebrations such as New Year, Guy Fawkes and Independence day, fireworks are an absolute must. That is why Solar Fireworks are more than happy to present you with a wide choice of cheap fireworks.

Are you looking to celebrate a birthday, wedding or simply want to throw an unforgettable party? It doesn't matter what celebration you are planning, with cheap fireworks from Solar Fireworks you can put on a wonderful display that will be colourful, vibrant and dynamic!

Choose Quality Cheap Fireworks From Solar Fireworks

Solar Fireworks have many years of experience and can offer you colourful and spectacular fireworks. At their online store you will find a wide range of fireworks to [censored] e up any celebration.

Finding the fireworks you are looking for on the Solar Fireworks website is easy, as they are divided into clear categories. You will find fireworks such as candles, cakes, fountains, mines, wheels, sparklers and display and party packs for truly memorable celebrations.

For large celebrations, why not go for one of their specially designed party packs? Six party packs are available for you to choose from. With these cheap fireworks you will lighten up the sky and create something memorable that will dazzle your audience. Looking for long lasting, explosive fireworks? Try firework fountains and rocket volleys. No display is complete without sparklers, which is why a range of sparklers are available from Solar Fireworks, including large gold sparklers and coloured sparklers.

If you want to take your time and carefully arrange and plan what fireworks you want, download their PDF 2012 – 2013 catalogue. It features many great fireworks and party packs as well as advice for safety regulations when using fireworks.

All products and cheap fireworks from Solar Fireworks are of top quality and conform to safety standards. However, to stay safe you should take a look at the informative and visual firework safety information provided in their catalogue. You can also purchase rocket launch tubes from Solar Fireworks to ensure safety when launching rockets. A rocket launch tube is included with rocket packs, but buying more separately can help speed up your display.

Browse the Solar Fireworks website and choose the perfect fireworks for your display today!

Their experienced team will be more than happy to answer all your inquiries. For more information email sales@solarfireworks.co.uk; Telephone: +44 (0)1227 471 991

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