Many patients say that Bowen therapy is by far most gentle massage in regards to pressure and strokes. It is because of this that it is effective and popular among massage therapists all over the world. It is a form of holistic healing with therapeutic massage that helps in relieving pain, treatment of sickness, releasing physical and emotional stress.

Although there are many types of massage that use light and gentle touch on their various massage strokes, Bowen massage still proves to be the best style in providing a safe massage for anyone who wishes to enjoy the pleasure it gives. Known for being able to effectively and safely treat babies as well as the elderly, this type of massage therapy proves to be a real deal in giving unconditional comfort to everyone. It uses light strokes with the use of the fingers and thumbs to stimulate the central nervous system and to loosen the tight muscles of the body.

Tom Bowen developed this type of massage therapy during his years as a concrete worker while practicing on his co workers. He believes that the benefits of therapeutic massage can be achieved when worked on the right principles. For this reason, the development of Bowen massage was introduced to the public in his own clinic that he opened up after he became an experienced massage therapist during his years. By the time he was a well-known therapist, he was able to treat nearly 13,000 patients yearly.

The idea of simply touching with light pressure was believed by Bowen to be effective in stimulating the entire body of a human being. This simple stimulation of the body triggers the self healing capabilities of the body thus allowing it to quickly recover than they normally do. The gentle rolling of the hand is one of his four principles in his Bowen massage and it is known as the Bowen move. The rolling process of the hand of the massage therapist or practitioner pauses for about two minutes in between touches as a part of the Bowen principles. It is believed that the body should not be forced to heal by itself by continuously working on the different parts that needs attention. Pausing for a while helps the body rest for a while and recovers from the healthy process of massage therapy. Bowen also believes that after the massage therapy session is done, there should be no further treatment or alternative and complementary healing therapy done on the patient in order not to interfere with the healing process from the Bowen massage therapy. Aside from these principles, this type of therapy boasts its effectiveness in relieving stress from the body. Most of the patients are known for falling asleep during the massage therapy which is a sign of how relaxing this therapy really is especially when performed by a licensed and skilled massage therapist. That is why searching for the best massage therapist is ideal in order to obtain the best result from a Bowen massage therapy.

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