Is there a difference between floor finish and floor wax? Both floor wax and floor finish provides a coating to your floor that protects the original floor surface from scuff marks and high traffic wear and tear.

Both floor wax and floor finishes provide excellent slip resistance to a floor, on top of adding a brilliant shine. They are essential in promoting a safe and clean environment at the work place. For the most part these products are used by facility janitorial staff, and commercial cleaning services in places like hospitals, schools, grocery and retail stores and malls, office buildings and even manufacturing plants. When used correctly floor wax and floor finish will add safety, shine and longevity to the floor making it a great investment for facility maintenance.

Despite floor finish and floor wax both giving the end user the same results, you really only need to scratch the surface to understand how they are different. The product titles themselves are often interchangeable, much like carpet and rug, or movie and film. Simply put, floor waxes are natural and floor finishes are synthetic. Floor wax is generally derived from carnauba wax, a wax that is extracted from the leaves of Brazilian palm trees. It makes perfect sense that a plant indigenous to an extremely hot and humid climate and demanding habitat would provide the most resilient waxes. Palm leaves themselves need to withstand extreme water, heat, sunlight and of course, the impact of rain and wind. The natural durability of carnauba wax makes it ideal for protecting high traffic areas on floors with little maintenance. Floor wax is the more traditional product and still used by many cleaning professionals, however the synthetic products are claiming a large part of the market.

Floor finish is synthetic and has its advantages over traditional floor wax. Floor finish is primarily comprised of several components including acrylic polymers, alkali- soluble resins, surfactants, plasticizers and wax emulsion. Each of these components contributes to the different qualities of floor finish from the shine and slip resistance to durability. A brief overview of should provide a better understanding of how they all work together.

Acrylic polymers are essentially plastic particles or solids in the finish that give it the strength and durability against traffic and resilience to dirt getting ground into the finish. More solids make for a more durable finish. Alkali-soluble resins are the component that allows the finish to self level, giving the finish an even coat. This makes the finish set in less time, as well as making it easier to strip when it is time to refinish the floor. Another integral part to ensuring even coats is surfactants, which help the finish spread across the floor evenly. Plasticizers act as a hardener for the surface keeping the finish from cracking once it has set. Lastly there is the wax emulsion. Wax emulsion is used to affect the glossiness, hardness and slip resistance of the finish. Synthetic wax emulsion has been instituted in many floor finishes over the natural carnauba waxes used in traditional floor wax. These are the basic elements of floor finish and should be taken into consideration when choosing the right floor finish or floor wax for your job.

Is there a difference between floor wax and floor finish? They can be considered interchangeable terms, but the presence of a natural carnauba wax is the only real difference. Both natural and synthetic wax finishes will do a great job if applied correctly. Even a seasoned professional could be fooled into thinking natural wax was used when it was a synthetic product. Whether you prefer a floor wax or a floor finish, both are great investments for keeping your facility floors cleaner, safer and easier to maintain.

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Many people have a life insurance policy so that they are ready for the unexpected, should it occur. This insurance has existed in some type of form for several centuries.

Early Days Of Insurance - Babylon

In fact, it's thought that the insurance idea originated during the 13th century in Babylon when the wealthy inhabitants paid for wrecked/damaged ships on behalf of the owners. With this type of "payment", the trade commerce continued. It enabled ship captains to deliver their goods while risking their ship and promoted a flourishing economy for everyone who was involved. Captains who didn't have this guarantee were less likely to travel further distances or take the risks needed to do long-distance trading.

Early Days of Insurance - Rome

Now what was seen in Rome might resemble today's insurance companies. It wasn't uncommon to have burial clubs. Those who joined these burial clubs were certain to get the burial they wanted even when they weren't able to afford it. Those who usually joined these clubs were military men and even common citizens. It was considered important by non-elite society members to join these types of clubs. Dues were usually paid for with wine. Meetings were generally held once a month and would include festivals and feasts; something members would pay for and donate wine to.

Early Days of Insurance - New World (America)

The insurance industry made its debut in America during the 18th century; South Carolina first introduced fire insurance thanks to the efforts provided by Benjamin Franklin. The first ever fire insurance company opened its doors in 1735, specializing solely in fire insurance. The probability of having a fire was quite high and many people saw the outcome of not having fire insurance. With it, the insurance would help them to replace their assets.

Life Insurance and Your Family

Insurance gives you the protection for unexpected losses of property and assets; however, it's also a security measure for your family. When your property and loved ones are protected, you can rest easier at night. With life insurance, your family will not be forced to come up with money to pay for your burial and feel a financial pinch after you have passed away. Life insurance will cover the funeral expenses.

When you have life insurance, it's your way of taking care of your family after you die. When you have a policy that will cover your loved ones, you can enjoy the money you make presently. You don't have to save up the money you earn, hoping you'll have enough before you p[censored] away. You'll rest easy at night knowing that your family is taken care of when the enviable happens. Your beneficiaries will obtain this money tax free, allowing them to use it for paying off any old debts, their education, retirement or their everyday living expenses. Life insurance is the best financial plan for any person.

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When you're wondering what there is to do in New York, consider a Harbor Cruise to get a unique glimpse of New York City.

Some of the best Harbor Cruises in New York include:

Manhattan By Sail - 212-619-0907:

When you're thinking about What to do in New York, sailing on the Hudson River is a great choice. Manhattan By Sail NY Harbor Cruises offer breathtaking views of the Statue of Liberty, Brooklyn Bridge, Manhattan Skyline, and other NYC Landmarks. Manhattan By Sail's sailboat sets out on the Hudson River in New York during the day or evening, and even at sunset. You can go on Brunch Sails on the Hudson, or Wine Tasting Sails in NYC.

Statue Cruises - 201-604-2800:

Taking a NY Harbor Cruise on Statue Cruises lets you witness beautiful views of the Manhattan Skyline and learn about the most storied NY Sights. Statue Cruises departs just minutes from most New York Hotels, at NYC's Battery Park. At lease 5 New York Harbor Cruise ships leave daily in July and August, and on weekends in September. Take in glimpses of the Brooklyn Bridge, New York's Wall Street, the South Street Seaport, and Governor's Island. This 1-hour narrated New York Harbor Cruise provides useful information about the most historic NYC Landmarks on a 7 mile New York Harbor Cruise.

NY Waterway - 800-53-Ferry:

This 90-minute Harbor Cruise offers great views of Midtown and Lower Manhattan from close up. New York Activities like the viewing the State of Liberty are made possible from a New York Harbor Cruise. NY Waterway ships travel from 38th Street on the West Side, and go south around the tip of Manhattan to the East River, then back to the 38th Street Pier.

Looking for great New York Hotels when you're visiting New York? There are so many wonderful New York Hotels near the Hudson River and other po[censored] r NYC Destinations. The Milford - A Times Square Hotel is a stylish and sophisticated Hotels near all of the best Activities in New York City.

About The Milford - A New York Hotel

The Milford is located in the heart of New York City, surrounded by Times Square, the Broadway Theater district, Manhattan's best restaurants and nightclubs, the Empire State Building, the subway, shopping and more – and is undergoing a $140 million renovation to remain among the best NYC Hotels in Manhattan with 1,300 Guest Rooms and Guest Suites.

The Milford is readying all new Guest Rooms, Lounge, Fitness Room, and New York Accommodations that will impress guests worldwide. This historic A New York Hotel is perfectly located near all NYC Activities and Attractions that bring visitors to Manhattan – for business or pleasure. Jacob Javits Convention Center, the financial district, Madison Square Garden, MOMA, Central Park, the Rockefeller Center, Greenwich Village, and much more is within minutes by walk or ride. Come see the best of NYC and stay at The Milford - A Times Square Hotel.

Visit The Milford Website: www.milfordplaza.com/

View our current NYC Hotel Specials & Vacation Packages.

Check Rates or Make Reservations or call toll free: 888.352.3650.

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Most parents have no idea about the danger of eating food from a fast food chain. When you go to any of this place at any time of the hour, there you can see people from all walks of life munching on their favorite foods like French fry, double cheeseburger, chocolate sundae, and other mouth watering treats, that are basically making the child overweight. Although, some people like you and me, knows that these kind of food is not entirely healthy to the child, but still we patronize it, because it is good and fast.

What does eating fast food really do to the body? And most importantly, what does it do to the child? Think about those questions carefully, and while you are thinking about it, I’ll explain to you, some of the things that you should know about those eating place and the consequence from eating their food and most importantly, how it shape your kids eating habit. Whether your kids are overweight or not, it can still affect them.

Food bought in most fast food chain is loaded with unwanted cholesterol and fats that overweight people don’t need. Although, lot restaurants are now claiming that they are using non-fat oil to cook their food, it does not matter. Because whether they are using non-fat or saturated oil, both can cause damage to arteries, which can greatly increase the chance of your kid from getting diabetes and heart disease.

Another problem with eating in fast food chain is that, after you have eaten you will be force wash it down by means of drinking soda, a soda that has lots of sugar or artificial sweetener, even though some expert has refute this claim. So whether it is true or not, soda can still make your body crave for sweet food. It is the last thing you would want for your kid, particularly if they are planning to lose weight.

Fast food chain has made a lot of children go crazy for their food, so much that nutritional food has no longer any appeal to children. And the most frustrating is that whenever you try to feed your kid fruits and vegetables, it turns into a battle of will. But as parents, it is your obligation to make sure that you kid eats the right kind of food.

Food serve in fast food chain has large servings. So kids eating at this place, have the tendency to eat large portion of meals as well, even when they’re at home. To a kid who is already having problems with their weight, eating large meals a day can make them even bigger.

If your family is accustomed to eating in fast food chain, then it’s time to cut back. A proper nutritional diet can help your overweight kid a lot. Plus, you can save a great deal of money from not eating in this restaurant. The sooner your kid learn to eat properly the faster for them to reach their ideal weight. Therefore, the start of your kid’s journey to a healthier lifestyle has begun.

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Some people choose to have a bad Attitude. They can look at the land of milk and honey and see only calories and cholesterol.

They have bumper stickers that go like this We are born naked, wet and hungry. Then things get worse.

I believe you have a choice. You can either complain that rose bushes have thorns or you can rejoice that thorn bushes have roses. You can learn to make the right choices through Life Training.

If you wake up in the morning and listen to songs like I Can not Get No Satisfaction. What will that do for your attitude. You will really get no satisfaction. Or here another inspirational ditty Raindrops Keep Falling on my Head That having great expectation for the day Or here a personal favorite I have Got Friends in Low Places Well that ought to affect your life in a real positive manner

It is been proven that the first 30 minutes of your day and the last 30 minutes are the most important concerning your Attitude.

In advertising they call every time you see a sign read an ad or hear a radio spot etc. an impression. The goal is to bombard you with multiple impressions to persuade you to buy their products. Each sensory reception creates an impression which creates a perception Your Attitude will be affected by what you are impressed by That in turn will affect your performance. Do not allow yourself to be filled with bad impressions.

Do not let Madison Avenue determine your Attitude. Your morning coffee should not determine your Attitude! What if the city dump was called eating disorder She had a chronic illness. They could not get her to eatno matter what they could not get her to eat. When she did eat it did not digest correctly. They tried to give her the medication but there was no way in the world that Callie would take her medication. So eventually they had to use five men as part of their job to give Callie her medication.

She refused to take it orally so they decided they were going to have to give her the medication in another way. Yes I know what you are thinking! And you are right They had to use a ten inch long, 41 pound coco butter suppository.

So everyday one of them would tenderly lift her tail one of them would take a rubber glove that covered the entire arm and three of the other men soothed and positioned Callie. And they administered her medication much to her dismay

What a job How would that look on your resume

What was your last job

Oh I inserted a ten inch long 41 pound coco butter suppository into a grumpy 6000 pound female pachyderm

So the bottom line is this. There are at least five people in America that have a job worse than yours

Stop complaining folks. This too will p[censored] Change your Attitude and you will change your life through Life Training

It is important to keep an Attitude of Gratitude. I have personally found that the longer your gratitude list the shorter your gripe list

Once our family was going through some difficult times financially. Now I know some people will not admit to that but it is a fact we had some challenges in front of us. I was finding myself overwhelmed and I was developing a sour Attitude

So I gathered my family together one night and got out a note pad. I told them that we were going to make a list of everything we could remember that had happened that past year we were thankful for. It began slowly. But when we got into it my pen could not keep up. We wrote down everything Physical things. Spiritual things. Financial things We laughed we cried we got out the projector and showed slides and watched recent videos. Then we added more to the list. We decided to read the list aloud for 30 days. Something miraculous happened when we developed an Attitude of gratitude during this Life Training.

We broke the back of adversity Thankful people become blessed people I suggest that if you are having an Attitude problem. If you like the great Zig Zigler says have stinkin thinkin then make out a gratitude list. Make a willful choice to adjust you Attitude Suppose someone offered to come by your house and deliver 2500 lbs. of garbage on your lawn for free. Would you accept it NOT You would think they were crazy And yet we let the media and people around us dump garbage into us on a daily basis. We have got to be smarter than that

You do not have to be pessimistic. It is a choice. Did you know that the 1828 Noah Webster Dictionary did not have the word pessimist or pessimistic in it There was no such word

The great Helen Keller once said No pessimist ever discovered the secret of the stars or sailed to an uncharted land or opened a new doorway for the human spirit.

Your attitude is a choice. You get to choose

Think about this have you ever heard anybody say He really got a great Attitude. Let fire him Ha Never in a million years.

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