It is clinically proven that our daily diet has the maximum influence on our dental health . Not only is superior diet critical for the development of the teeth during the childhood days , but in addition it is significant for the health of one's teeth and gums after the teeth have developed entirely. Equally as dietary malnutrition can impede the progress of teeth and /or lead to teeth and gum medical problems, there are numerous varieties of food that can give right nutrition to the teeth and also give sa[censored] uard against dental conditions. These types of diet which reduce dental plaque and dental caries are referred to as cariostatic diet . You'd be surprised to find out that actually the food that we would typically consider unhealthy to teeth, if consumed in reasonable amounts can work as cariostatic diet.

Underneath are listed some of the most common cariostatic food , which can offer you protection against dental caries.

1. cow milk

Yes, you heard it right, milk! Despite the fact that sugar is one of the main constitutents of milk, the drinking of normal milk actually is helpful in controlling the development of cavities. Having a gl[censored] of warm milk in the night when you sleep aids maintain the cavities in check.

The reasons are as follows :

* Cow milk is high in Lactose -a sugar which is far less acidic than fructose or glucose that happen to be very cariogenic. The caries microbes love acidic carrier to develop on, and Lactose will not give them them that medium

* Milk is rich in Calcium and Phosphorous - elements generally known to help in reducing enamel demineralization. Demineralization is the method of taking out mineral ions from the enamel of the teeth and viewed as first steps to dental caries. A lower value of saliva pH , or an acidic saliva reacts with the enamel of the teeth . As a result of which the teeth seems to lose the metal ions and starts to dissolve. Saliva has the ability to restore the mineral ions on the enamel and cover for the loss of minerals. Milk is known to help that process and rebuild ions in the enamel, making it stronger

2. Cheese

Scientific tests and experiments on animals have verified that Cheese has excellent anti-cariogenic attributes. Eating cheese after a meal fights the acidic saliva and raises the pH level to reduce the acidic property..

* Cheese has the ability to energize the salivary glands in the mouth and increase saliva circulation. This is good for the gums and teeth as saliva is a natural pH balancer and has metal ions to remineralize the teeth.

* Cheese is rich in calcium and gets the same effect of reionizing the teeth enamel , as milk. Infact, one of the studies carried out on volunteers who ate cheese after food shows there is certainly a direct relation between consumption of cheese and calcium content in the saliva, as displa[censored] in the below graph. The graph shows the pre and post quantity values of calcium in the saliva for 5 distinct types of meal. Reionizing the enamel would make sure that the enamel remain robust and does not give in to caries.

3. Green foods

Plant vegetables are acknowledged to have substantial quantities of organic and inorganic Phosphates that, when consumed ,adds to the anti-cariogenic property of the saliva . Organic phosphates cling to the enamel and form a protective coat. Studies carried out on the Bantu tribe of South Africa corroborate the claims that eating a lot of green foods makes your teeth robust.

4. Tea

Caries are formed due to microorganisms in the mouth. There is a natural anti bacterial ingredient called Polyphenol which is quite effective like an anti bacterial ingredient. Green tea and black tea extracts have been discovered to have a high concentration of polyphenols. Studies have shown that the tea consumers have better immunity against dental caries than others.Together with polyphenols, tea also has flourides, which are generally known to prevent dental caries.

5. Apples

"An apple a day keeps the dentist away" . Apple is rich in polyphenols and hence promotes salivary flow as well as helps in combating bacteria in the mouth. Apples are crispy, that means they would act as natural brushes for the teeth when eaten. However, it is crucial that one washes his mouth properly after having apple or drinking apple juice. That is because apple still has acids and sugars which are not good for the enamel.

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Modern solar panels for homes are better than ever. They are more efficient, less expensive and easier to install. They provide the perfect alternative energy solutions for most homes.

Solar panels for homes have gone through many important changes over the years, which have helped to make them more efficient and more durable. Most modern solar panels can produce several times more power than panels sold even a few years ago and are also able to produce this solar power for homes for more of the day. Because most solar panels for homes are now a fairly standard size, their mounting is simpler and you can even mix different brands of panels into the same system to help lower your cost. All of these changes have helped to make these homes solar power systems a great alternative energy solution for almost any need.

Converting Light Into Electricity

Modern solar panels are able to produce a considerable amount of power from simple sunlight. They do this through the use of photovoltaic solar cells that are mounted to the solar panel frame and are able to convert direct sunlight into an electrical current. A standard solar panel contains a collection of these solar cells that are connected together to provide a large amount of power. Even though individually these solar cells can only produce a small amount of current, when they are joined together with other cells their output can be quite substantial. All of these solar cells are housed inside the solar module, which provides a strong and stable platform for mounting the fragile cells and helps to protect them from the elements.

Voltages Vary

Most modern solar panels come in a variety of voltages that then can produce. Typically the higher the voltage, the more efficient the overall system will be. The reason for this is that there is always a percentage of losses inherent in any solar power system and the higher the voltage you generate, the less of an impact these losses will have on your overall output. The higher voltage generating solar panels are more expensive, but are still a better purchase than some of the others that generate a smaller overall output. The key thing to remember is that all of the panels used in you system have to be matched to each other as well as the inverter for a specific voltage.

Newer Is Better

Because of the improved solar panel design used in these modern solar panels for homes, they are all able to produce a greater amount of power than older panels for the same amount sunlight. This is a big advantage for homeowners since it allows you to install less of these newer panels to generate all the power they need. One other advantage that these newer panels provide is their ability to generate a good bit of power from less than perfect sunlight. Older panels had a hard time generating power from the dimmer sunlight found at sunrise, sunset and on cloudy days. Also, if older solar panels were not perfectly aligned with the travel of the sun, their output would suffer as well. This means that your panels would be inactive for most of a typical day when the sun was not at its brightest. Also, if your home did not have the required roof space with the proper orientation, you could not have taken advantage of these older panels.

Angle of Incidence Doesn't Matter As Much Anymore

The newer solar panels for homes have solved these issues and can take advantage of the weaker sunlight and still produce a large portion of their overall expected power from this dimmer light. They are also more forgiving with sunlight that hits them at a more severe angle. This allows many homes that do not have the perfect solar alignment to take advantage of these newer solar panels and generate all the power their home requires.

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Since the beginning of the production of model cars, there have been a total of ninety six different brands of model cars. Over a period of time, some of them have closed down, resulting in today twelve that are no longer up and running. Among those that are still going strong are the ever po[censored] r companies that use the die cast model to create their cars.

The Kinds of Models

There are four scales in which the die cast models are built. These are: 1:18, 1:24, 1:48, and 1:43. The models that are created today are based off of real existing cars. They include much more detail from these cars so that they match the description as much to the T as possible. They do try to make some of the things function. While the steering wheel and the wheels might not work, you can normally open the doors and the trunk, as well as the hood on the 1:32, 1:48, and 1:43 scale cars. This is better than the first die cast models that didn t have any real life action whatsoever. The reason for adding this was to beat the competition brought on by different parts of the world who were adding more and more detail to make these model cars almost life like, just miniature. Before long, they added more things such as working suspensions, headlights, and other features as well.

Who Makes the Models?

The United States and The United Kingdom were the first two countries to market the die cast models right after Matchbox was created. It was slow at first. Models were offered for order in catalogues, but as the po[censored] rity increased they began to cater to the wishes of their clientele. What were once basic models with no special features changed in the 1970 s when buyers wanted the cars to depict the cars of their dreams. In the 1980 s there was licensing to the die cast models. This meant that the different companies that produced die cast models would sign agreements that license them to make replicas of cars that particular car companies manufacture. The companies can even have their logos imprinted on the car and they also enter into the agreements. Some of these licensing agreements are for companies to produce models that the car companies no longer produce. Examples of the premium models being described here are produced by firms such as: Franklin Mint, Danbury Mint, and Fairfield Mint. Other examples of some of the lower end die cast model producers include companies such as: Maisto, Hot Wheels, Matchbox, and Corgi.

These companies have been bringing fun to people for almost fifty years. They have allowed people to use their creative minds to paint cars in the colors that they see fit. They have let the mind wander as to what sort of car every boy and girl wishes to have. Men have been included in this as well, as real life sets in, and bills have to be paid. What more could a man ask for in a toy that has become so po[censored] r after all?

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For those that favour a slowed down holiday, with an accent on sunniness and sumptuousness, a cruise by ship to the Caribbean Sea has to be an option worth serious consideration . In this article we will be taking a look at a range of Caribbean cruises.

A great deal has been written about the Caribbean over the years but nothing can really cook you for its stunning beauty when you pay your first visit to it. The Caribbean climate is warm, without being oppressively hot, and it is ideal for cruising since the waters are generally calm. When you add to that the large number of islands, all unique in their own way, you have the perfect recipe for a holiday cruise package.

There are many different firms operating cruises to destinations in the Caribbean, and particular lines vary in the type of vacation experience they offer. Many of the ships used on the Caribbean cruise routes are quite big . Their considerable size has its advantages , since every appliance imaginable can be offered to passengers on these very large vessels. On the other hand, in some cases a ships size may make it difficult for it to dock at some of the smaller, more obscure islands. This is where some of the smaller operators come into their own. With the shallower position of a smaller ship or ocean-going motor yacht , it becomes possible to add as ports of call some of the bantam , less well known islands.

For cruising intents , the Caribbean Sea tends to be divided into three geographical sectors , and cruises will generally focus on one of these for reasons of logistics and what is executable given the duration of a cruise and the typical speed of the ship. In the past most Caribbean cruises used to embark from Florida, but these days it is not at all unusual for passengers to fly down to Jamaica or some other island and then board ship there.

The eastern Caribbean covers islands like Puerto Rico, the US Virgin Islands, and Barbados. This area is easily reached by ships sailing from Florida. Also within easy scope of US ports such as Fort Lauderdale are destinations in the western Caribbean, which include Jamaica and the Cayman Islands, as well as the Bahamas, and Cozumel, just off the coast of Mexico. A little further off is the southern Caribbean, which includes positions like St. Kitts, Trinidad and Tobago, and Grenada. But whatever part of the Caribbean you visit , you will find friendly local people and interesting, colorful ports of call, as well as clear water, which is certain to be full of brightly coloured exotic fish and ideal for scuba diving and snorkelling.

Unhappily, it can not be denied that an ocean sail is by no means a budget vacation option, but then again there are a large number of sail creases vying for the same market place . Well known houses like Princess Cruises and Royal Caribbean Cruises are not in the business of sailing with empty spots , so it is sometimes possible to get last minute buy deals if you shop around.

Ryan Boucha is currently the business owner and creator of http://www.turks-and-caicos-resorts.net/all-inclusive-resorts-in-aruba.php and has holidayed many offices in the World. He visites the Caribbean yearly and is far and away is best loved space to sail . Should you wish to get more about Ryan check out his website All Inclusive Resorts in Aruba.
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The ability to communicate effectively with an audience is more important than ever before. This article provides fifteen tips for giving an excellent group presentation.

Would you like to experience the benefits of being a good speaker? Speaking before groups offers a tremendous opportunity for personal and professional development. Never before have excellent communication skills been more important than they are today.

This article contains fifteen elements for making a successful presentation. Use these ideas, and you will speak with greater self confidence and ease before a group of any size.


Talk with-not at --your audience. Establish some common ground. Communicate with sincerity and warmth, and make eye contact.

In speaking to a large group of secretaries, I established rapport quickly by telling them about my mother's success as a secretary and how much I admired her. I gave them examples of why competent secretaries are the backbone of my successful organization.


Grab your audience's attention from the start. Use a dramatic or startling statement, a human interest or personal story, a question, an anecdote or illustration, a relevant quote-or a humorous opening, if appropriate. I recently heard a speaker open with, "I wrote that great introduction you just heard. It gives me something to shoot for when I speak."


Close with a bang. Use a relevant quote, a poem, or an appeal for action. Give your audience a sincere compliment, a powerful story, or a summary of your main points. Make sure your closing---whatever it is---is relevant to your topic. Also, your entire speech and the ending should be tailored to your audience.


According to the book of lists, public speaking is the number one fear, greater even than the fear of death.

Before presenting: Thoroughly prepare and rehearse before your speaking engagement. When you are about to begin, take several deep breaths. Visualize yourself giving a relaxed presentation.

During the presentation: Focus on your message and your audience, not on yourself. Give yourself opportunities for physical movement. Don't try to be perfect. Make nervousness work for you. Channel your nervousness into enthusiasm; let your adrenalin take over. Butterflies in your stomach? Let them soar, taking you with them.


Talk to the audience in terms of their interests, problems, and concerns. Communicate with vitality and conviction. Talk to, and make eye contact with individual members of the audience. Change the pace with vocal variety and humor, using pauses to emphasize points. Use inspiring human interest stories, making only a few points and supporting them with examples, illustrations, anecdotes, and analogies. Use natural gestures; physically move from time to time instead of remaining behind a podium.


Variety speed, volume, and pitch. To emphasize points, speed up or slow down, speak more softly or loudly, and allow your voice to rise and fall. Speak conversationally to an audience, but with greater force and energy. Appropriate vocal variety and gestures will naturally occur.


Use visual aids only when needed to clarify a point or idea. Don't show a visual aid to the audience until you are ready to use it. Use visual media as an aid, not as crutch or a substitute. Visual aids should be large, clear, legible, and brief. Avoid talking toward your visual aid or turning your back to the audience. You might provide a brief outline of your objectives, the topics to be covered, and information about yourself. Then supply handouts that reinforce your points. Distribute most handouts at the end of your presentation so that participants maintain eye contact and keep their attention on you during the presentation.


You don't have to be funny. But humor can be effective in changing the pace, relaxing the audience, building rapport, and supporting your points. If you are uncomfortable using humor, avoid it-or practice it on your friends and family until you become more comfortable with it.

If you use humor, keep it brief, relevant to the topic, and appropriate for the occasion. Do not tell off-color jokes or racial, ethnic, or religious jokes. Don't say, "I'm going to tell you a joke"-just do it. Allow your audience to laugh before you continue speaking. Have a comeback if your attempt at humor fails.

Never use humor at the expense of another. However, poking fun at yourself can let your audience know you don't feel superior or have an egotistical attitude. I often tell my audience the following story: A woman and her little boy came up to me after what I thought was one of my most inspiring speeches. The woman gushed, "That was a wonderful talk, and I am so full with your message!" Smiling with delight, I asked her little boy, "And how did you like it, son?" He replied, "Yeah, I got a bellyful of it, too!"


Use stories and examples that relate to audience concerns. Keep your presentation lively, allowing time for questions. Ask if there are questions, and hold the silence a few moments. If no one responds, say, "If there are no questions, let me mention a question I am often asked"-and then answer it. You might also ask questions and request a show of hands.


People think and learn in different ways. Some are more logical; some, more intuitive. Broaden audience response by varying your techniques. Use some human interest stories, appeal to logic, present general themes ("the big picture") and appeal to the senses, providing concrete examples. The success of an engineer often depends upon his or her objective analysis of a problem. If you're speaking to a group of engineers, appeal to their logical thought processes. Present a problem and a logical solution for it, perhaps using a graph based on statistical data. This is not to say that human interest stories or appeals to the emotions are lost on engineers. But they are most likely to be persuaded by logic.


Being physically close to your audience increases your ability to build rapport. If the audience is scattered, it is more difficult to lead them as one unit. Bring them together, removing large numbers of empty seats. They will be less self-conscious if they are sitting close together. Arrange seats so the audience can easily see you.


If you encounter disruptive persons, keep control of your emotions. Do not show irritation. Wait until they finish talking; then use active/reflective listening. Lower your voice; don't try to shout them down. Sometimes humor can reduce the tension. If they continue to be disruptive and it is appropriate, ask them to leave or to meet with you later to discuss their concerns.


Your audience expects you to create the atmosphere, set the tone, assume a leadership role, and be in control. They want to be treated with respect. Arrive early to make sure everything is properly set up and ready. Be yourself, allowing your unique personality to shine.

Remember, you are there to make something happen, to move your audience in some way. It is up to you to inspire them.


Every speech has at least one of four goals: to inform or explain, to persuade, to inspire action, or to entertain. Know the goal of your presentation, and keep it in mind as you thoroughly prepare. Lack of preparation reflects indifference and insults your audience. Careful preparation is the only way to achieve the results you want. Use simple and clear language that communicates your ideas in a manner suited to your goal.


When Dr. Kenneth McFarlin, an outstanding professional speaker, was asked what is the most important quality of a speaker, he responded: "vitality." Vitality includes enthusiasm, energy, forcefulness, and aliveness. It comes from a depth of conviction-a deep belief in yourself and in what you are saying.

CONCLUSION You will be amazed at the positive influence you will have on others by becoming a good speaker. Public speaking will enrich both your life and the lives of others.

Take advantage of opportunities to speak to audiences no matter how small. Remember the words of Demosthenes, one of the world's greatest orators, who said, "Small opportunities are often the beginning of great enterprises."

Copyright 2007. Raymond Gerson

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