There are a lot of variables that help you determine what type of dog to bring home as a new pet. Certain factors that you will need to consider regarding gender include:

• disposition and temperament

• genetic issues which lead to health issues

• level of attention and care required

• average lifespan

• overall size

Typically, the question arises regarding the gender or the dog and deciding on whether you want a female or a male. If you are more concerned about the dogs character and personality, then gender is an insignificant issue. Your decision will then be based on how the puppy integrates into your household.

Typically, females are smaller in size and have warmer personalities, but there are some males that have the same characteristics. Female dogs are usually the better choice for a home with children, but again, certain males will integrate well, also. Most likely, females do better with children due to their inherent maternal instincts, which make them the ideal choice for the scenario.

Some potential pet owners shy away from the idea of owning a female because of their heat cycles and the bleeding that accompanies the cycle. Getting the female spa[censored] as soon as it is feasible is always the solution to this concern and it is something that should be done anyway, unless you are considering becoming a breeder yourself. And don't kid yourself when it comes to protection issues. Some female breeds can be just as tough as the males.

Choosing a male oftentimes presents a few more obstacles compared to choosing a female. For one thing, males are extremely adept to escaping their confines, especially if there is a female dog in heat nearby. This can be a serious issue for the dogs owner not to mention the fact that the animal is exposed to hazardous situations when they are roaming free in the neighborhood. There is always the possibility of the dog being seriously or fatally injured when they are out and about chasing after that female.

Another critical issue is territoriality. Male dogs are much more territorial than the female save for when she has given birth to a litter of pups. Regardless of the breed, males at times will stop at nothing when it comes to protecting their territory, their stuff (so to speak), and their families. Humans and other animals are perceived to be a threat in the eyes of the territorial male hence their inherent need to defend their family, personal space, and property. What's even worse is when a male starts to exhibit their territorial instincts by urinating inside the home.

Keep in mind that what I have listed here is not an attempt to discourage bringing home a male dog or puppy. For what its worth, males have a significantly higher energy level so you can exercise them for longer periods of time. They are also more active and have a greater amount of stamina compared to the female. It should also be noted here that these personality traits of males is exactly the reason why they are typically chosen over females for working in a law enforcement capacity.

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