Putting up an elementary school fundraising is not as easy as it may sound. It would require skills and leadership. And also, it would require teamwork.

Teamwork is important in an elementary school fundraising setup because it can alleviate labor anxiety and pressure. When everyone works hand in hand with each other, more will be achieved in lesser time. When there is teamwork there is cooperation in achieving goals and tasks therefore, a target of 10 will be finished earlier in a group of 3 people working together compared to one person working individually. Working together means, work load becomes distributed to the other members to have efficient work thus, duplication of tasks and efforts are minimized or avoided. Doing the same work or having the same work will be minimized as everyone can work and decide on which tasks will be assigned for each person. It is important that there is communication in teamwork because without communication, teamwork is not possible especially on the above said task distribution. Without communication tasks becomes duplicated due to the misunderstanding of the instructions. Like, because no clear flow of instructions were made, everyone just made their own flow of work and chose on tasks to finish where they are comfortable working. And only to later find out that almost all the employees worked in the same station, a disaster for the organization to say. Also without teamwork, product quality service and productivity will be at stake. Services and products also need to be communicated with co-workers and more importantly with the head organizers for everyone to have a slight look of what is already happening in the organization and also, it becomes a must for everyone to report to higher ranked employees for them to have the operations analyzed if there are any areas that needs improvement. And when things are brought to the upper level, better decisions will be produced, and more fresh and advanced ideas can be applied to areas that need assistance. Not only that, when there is teamwork, there is more flexibility as to the members and as to time. Teamwork saves time as two persons work better and faster than one person. When there are heavy loads and fast coming deadlines, one person who works for one project in the race through time, tendencies are, that person becomes easily exhausted and burned out. Instead of motivating the person, he/ she become less committed with work and with the company because of too much pressure. Machines overheat, how much more a human body when overused? It is sometimes just a matter of teamwork to finish work in time without breaking the person. Sometimes due to overwork, tension in the group arises. Instead of avoiding conflict, you are the one challenging conflict. When people are tired, they become angry and easily irritated and when they see other people favored with work, conflicts will surely arise. And you surely do not want to see that in your organization. To have better working relationship and help the team develop interpersonal relationship skills, teach them the value of teamwork as teamwork improves standards of performances.

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