The metabolic rate of the body definitely contributes to the process of losing belly fat. To lose belly fat in one week, one must understand why metabolism plays an important role in reducing weight and fats in the body. Also, there are certain foods and exercises that can either slow down or increase the rate of metabolism. In achieving the goal of having a flat tummy, a person should also know what and what not to eat during this process.

Metabolism is one word that can be seen often when searching for ways to reduce belly fat but not everyone knows what it is. To make it simple, it is the process by which the systems of the body use or burn calories as its fuel in order to do functions such as breathing and circulating the blood flow. Metabolism rate is one factor that can help lose belly fat in one week. A high metabolic rate would mean that the body needs a higher amount of calories in order to energize the body systems to do their vital functions. To explain it further, most of the calories consumed by the body would fuel these systems rather than storing them in fat cells. A slower metabolic rate would then use a lesser proportion of calories in order to satisfy the energy needed by the system and would result to more storage of calories. However, not everyone has naturally fast metabolism rate. Good thing that there are some foods and exercises that can speed up anyone’s metabolism.

There are a lot of things that can increase the speed of metabolism. To start off, smaller meals should be eaten frequently and avoid eating three big meals. By eating around 6 times a day, the calories are evenly distributed throughout the day. However, this won’t be effective if the meals are composed of high calorie foods such as junk foods. So it is best to choose between fruits, vegetables and low calorie meats. Also, eating breakfast can speed the metabolism rate. Metabolism slows down during sleep and it only speeds up when something is digested. If lunch would be the first meal of the day, then that person’s metabolism would not speed up until lunch time.

Drinking cold water and green tea will help with metabolism. Green tea contains catechin polyphenols that can boost the process of burning of calories. Ice cold water can lower the core temperature of the body. Once this happens, the body would need to use additional calories to heat up the body. Also when the body does not take the right amount of water, its metabolism would definitely slow down.

Increasing metabolism is one key that can lead someone to lose belly fat in one week. It can also prevent additional fat from accumulating in the stomach area. Having a flat belly does not necessarily require anyone to engage in 100 crunches and sit-ups a day. They simply need to watch what they eat and at least incorporate cardio exercises to their everyday life. Lastly, starving would only lead to a slower metabolism, thus gaining more fat and weight in the body.

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