Surprisingly a lot of people who own a rotisserie oven don't know how to use it, or even worse—simply don't use it. Many a time have I seen a commercial rotisserie oven delegated the task of being a bread-basket of sorts. People stuff it with things they don't know where else to put in their kitchen, and before they know it—they've wasted an investment that can easily feed them fresh, and tasty food. All over the country: Texas, California, Florida, New York—people purchase these machines with little to no knowledge on how to use them. Not knowing that it's all quite easy to do!

What it comes down to be it a wood burning rotisserie oven, or whether its simply a normal home rotisserie oven—is the recipe. People often times don't know exactly how to use their equipment, but it also comes down to not knowing how to prepare food for a rotisserie oven. So think of this article as friendly information to help you cook and use your rotisserie oven, and hopefully—put some spice back into your kitchen life.


Chicken is one of the most popular meats to cook in a rotisserie oven. In fact, chances are you've seem racks of chicken roasting on the commercial rotisserie oven at your local grocery store. They look appetizing don't they?

Well believe it or not—it's quite easy to get juicy chicken straight from your rotisserie oven, all it takes is a little preparation.

So here's what you'll need:

-1 (2-3 pound) whole chicken (skinned and deboned if you're lazy)

-1 pinch of lemon salt (trust me on the lemon salt)

-1 1/3 cup butter, melted (you can substitute for margarine)

-1 tablespoon of peppe

-1 tablespoon of rock salt (you can use regular salt, but rock salt will assure juiciness)

1)Take a pan of some sort, place the thawed chicken on it. Season the inside of the chicken with the lemon salt you have.

2)Mix the butter you melted, the tablespoon of pepper, and tablespoon of rock salt. Begin to baste the chicken with this butter mix. When you've basted the chicken completely, if you still have any left—pour it on the inside of the chicken.

3)Set your Rotisserie oven to 180 F—a good 10-15 minutes at that temperature will result in perfectly cooked, juicy chicken. (add lemon juice on top for extra flavor)

Serve over rice, with veggies and your favorite gravy.

That's it for now, and enjoy—invite guests over; and feed them straight from your rotisserie oven. I'm sure they'll be surprised, especially if you're not a cook. So really when it comes down to it—you definitely don't need a commercial rotisserie oven to make some good food.

So stop wasting the equipment you have, and use your rotisserie oven the way it's supposed to be used.

And if you don't have a rotisserie oven, and are looking to experience the true joy that is rotisserie cooked chicke—be sure to contact us, Bravo-Systems for the lowest cost commercial rotisserie oven. And if you only need a home model—we have a wide variety of small rotisserie oven that will fit in any kitchen. Be sure to visit out website—or call at (800) 333-2728. With a very wide selection of brands available and warehouses in California, Texas, New York or Florida—we have your kitchen covered!

And if you don't have a rotisserie oven—Bravo systems has a wide variety of various types of home and commercial rotisserie ovens. So if you're in the states of California, Texas, Florida or New York—be sure to give us a call at (800) 333-2728.
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