In this article I wanted to say that now day's violence is too much common that no one thinks for a second about violence. I mean to say that if someone heard that that place are being just effected with violence, as there are lots of kinds of violence so it does not mean that which kind of violence is that, but even then people listen from one ear and then they ignore that from another ear.

This is the first responsibility of government that violence should not be held but in this article I will not talk about what government should do and what should they not. I will talk about the people. Let's have an example of tomorrow. I was in the market with my girl friend, suddenly a man came from our back and he was like shouting on the phone that leave talking about violence, this violence happens daily almost so there is nothing to worry about. After listening these wordings I was really shocked and at the same time me and my girl friend looked each other for second, as she is good. I then ignored all the things, because if I noticed that comment of stranger and if I discussed that comment to my girl friend then she might get disturb and I will not want that my girl friend get disturb from any things because I live her so much.

Anyway, I have an opportunity to post the article so I think that in this way I can convey the message that why is that so that people's heart are so much strong that they think that violence is a joke. I am not saying to do or take an action but at least we should not behave like this. I can more explain this to you by giving an example. Let's suppose you are going to someone's funeral so definitely you cannot do anything to bring dead person back but you even then keep silence and you maintain discipline, rite? This is what I am saying that if someone heard that the violence has occurred on that place so then they do not listen or notice with heart but ignored and sometimes makes fun of this violence.

Once I was in the college and I was making my assignment suddenly I heard that some sort of violence has occurred I then switched off my work and then I switched on the television. But definitely I was useless on this event; I could not do anything. On that day my mind got disturbs so much that I could not able further to make my assignment so I think that I should buy essay online for my assignment. I did so and then I immediately placed order on the original essay writing. On the same day my friend called me at the party I did not go because I was not feeling well. I am not saying that people should like me or behave like me. I am saying that there should be some respect for the victims.

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