Tired of paying outrageous prices for airline tickets? This article explores three ways to save money by finding cheap tickets and discusses comparative shopping, using Travelocity or Priceline. It also discusses frequent flyer programs and credit card airline reward programs.

For most people in this age, flying to destinations is the most common way of traveling longer distances. Business takes people all over the country and the world. Families settle down and spread out, often moving far away from parents or siblings. The price of gas is making car travel look less appealing. Who wants to spend four days in the car and hundreds of dollars in gas to travel across the country when you can fly in just two or three hours and save money?

While in comparison to car travel air travel can be a lot less expensive, airline tickets are also feeling the effects of the rising fuel prices. They are charging more for the "extras" like checked baggage and snacks on the plane. Ticket prices are also rising. How can we save money on airfares?

First, use comparative price shopping. Websites like travelocity dot com, orbitz dot com, and priceline dot com will compare flight prices from most of the major airlines. Travelocity, which I've used on numerous occasions, gives you the option to "search nearby airports" and compare prices. You may find yourself flying to your destination on one airline and back on another because it is cheaper! If you have some time before you book your trip you can set an option to get email alerts on cheap flights and price changes (even down to certain dollar amounts) to your upcoming destination. It is very convenient to book a flight through these websites as it will save all of your information, like credit card numbers, in your profile. Just a few clicks and you are on your way. A word of caution though, when you find your cheap flight, check the official airline's website to see if the identical flight is cheaper booking directly from them. I have found this to be the case on occasion so it's worth looking into.

Second, if you fly a lot, register for airline's frequent flyer programs. Obviously this pays the more you fly and if you consistently use the same airline. Businessmen and women find this most helpful in traveling to constant business trips as well.

Lastly, look into credit card options that reward spending with points toward airline tickets. Some of the major credit card companies, like American Express, have some sort of airline or travel credit cards so you can save big! Visa contracts with airline companies and provides customers with airline-specific credit cards such as a Northwest "Worldperks Visa" or a "Southwest Visa."

There are options! You do not always have to pay outrageous prices for airline tickets. Do some research and start saving today!

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