The ankle is a very sensitive part of the leg. Although you will hardly pay attention to it when in good shape, pain from the ankle can be excruciating and could render you immobile.

The ankle is a very sensitive part of the leg. Although you will hardly pay attention to it when in good shape, pain from the ankle can be excruciating and could render you immobile. The ankle plays a major role in our bodies. It is the joint that allows us to stand and walk by supporting the weight we carry. Pain from the ankle suggests that you will not be able to stand or walk normally. According to the experts for ankle pain Allen TX, there are many reasons why you could be experiencing such kind of pain.

The most common cause of ankle pain is through a sprain. The ankle consists of ligaments which essentially connect one bone to another. When the ankle twists inwards, it causes the ligaments to tear. This causes bruises and swelling on the ankle rendering it impossible to support any kind of weight and any attempt to exert pressure on it results in excruciating pain. Sprains can be caused by any physical activity. You can access medical care from orthopedic care in Allen TX depending on how bad your sprain is.

Another cause of ankle pain could be as a result of damage on the tendons or the cartilage. Tendons join muscles to the bones while the cartilage acts as a cushion for the joint making it possible for the joint to support weight and both are also found in the ankle. If the tendons or cartilages are damaged or swollen, you may experience pain and just like above, your ankle will not be able to perform its duties as normal hence you will still need ankle pain therapy.

In some cases, your medical history could explain your ankle pain. An underlying problem or disease may result in pain in the joint. Some of the most common conditions that can result in ankle pain Allen TX include gout, reiter syndrome, rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis and other types of arthritis. Arthritis mainly affects the bones and joints hence you are more likely to experience pain in your ankle if you are suffering from any form. Treatment for arthritis can alleviate the pain; otherwise, you can seek orthopedic care in Allen TX. Since the ankle pain is as a result of the arthritis, you stand better chances of relieving the pain by treating the arthritis instead of the ankle.

Ankle pain therapy also reveals that in some instances, problems near the ankle can result in pain in the ankle. Nerves are found throughout our bodies and are responsible for any physical feelings we get. When you get nerve injuries near the ankle such as sciatica or tarsal tunnel syndrome or to the nerves connected to the ankle, it could result in pain in the ankle. The advantage with nerves is that you can easily trace the pain to the root of the problem and have Ankle pain Allen TX treat it from there. When there is a blockage of the blood vessels in the heels of the leg, it may also result in ankle pain.

There are many other causes of ankle pain and expert diagnosis from orthopedic care Plano can help you treat it easily.

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