It's a fact that a customized website can do wonders to your business. Selecting a competent web designer for preparing a smart, effective and attractive website seems to be a daunting task to most people. Remember that you always need an experts and experienced professionals for good web solutions. Here are a few useful questions that you can ask a designer before appointing him for the job:

• You should ask for a portfolio of the web designer. Personal reference is always preferable. Beside this you can personally contact the designer's previous clients too so that you can get some idea about his way of thinking and capability. You will able to ensure potential quality of your website by doing some background research works.

• You can ask for the possible time of delivery. Of course, last minute adjustments can take some time but having a time frame is always advisable.

• You need to know whether your web development manager has proper knowledge about latest market developments. His expertise on market research can be an added advantage for you.

• The designer's exposure to the latest technology is important otherwise, your website may lack far behind than your competitors. You have to take a look on his technical knowledge too. Ensure that he is capable of providing prompt technical support to you so that last minute adjustments can be easier. Remember that quick-tech solution is very useful for damage control.

• Ask the designer whether he is capable of delivering a SEO friendly system.

• Get an idea of what type of HTML structure your professional prefers to use.

• Ask whether the designer is ready for probable modification of the website. Don't hesitate to ask if you have to bear some additional cost for that.

• Ask the designer whether he or his company offers 24x7 customer service.

• Clarify whether the designer needs a feedback from you. This is important for future references.

• Make sure that the cost of work is negotiable before gets started otherwise, future misunderstandings may hamper the project in midway.

• Ask the web designer that whether he is ready to listen to the customer's creative and possible methodical inputs. Your website will suffer if he takes it as interference.

According to me these are some points that you can raise before a designer while assigning him the task of preparing your website.

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